Segues: Sexuality and Socialism


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Okay. So, this time it wasn’t procrastination that kept me from writing here, but, moreover a series of unfortunate events, neglect, and questioning whether to continue blogging at all.

This blog isn’t very new and admittedly it hasn’t served particularly well as a narcissistic, conceited, or reflective monologue that writers tend to adopt in their blogs. Which leads me to ask, why? Why have a blog at all if I cannot fulfil these innate desires, to expend a superfluous amount of vocabulary, and formulate it on a screen in the hope that someone will read it?

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Punch and Judy: on Australian racism


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While I was about to indulge in yet another post about Harry Potter (still to come), politics has stolen the show for now on this indignant and melancholy day. What makes it so is the celebrations of a large group of Australians who observe January 26 a national holiday, one mostly characterised by (national)flags used as capes, tacky tattoos (again with the flag), and a justification to get drunk, pick fights, and barf any  self-revelatory racist rambling. This is Australia Day, otherwise known as Invasion Day!

Punch and Judy – Abbott and Gillard

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Pondering Picasso


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   Visceral. Vacillating. Variegated.
If I could alliterate the art of Pablo Picasso anymore vexatiously sorry . . .

I don’t pretend to know anything of art, or whether I appreciate it as much as I should, or even if likening afternoon’s of ‘Rocko’s Modern Life’ provides any justice to Picasso’s work. But I will attempt to give an impression of my visit to the Picasso:masterpieces from the Musée National Picasso, Paris, currently on display at the NSW Art Gallery. Continue reading

Tea Houses and Thai Fridays


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Following a hiatus of stressful, soul-sucking examinations I’ve arrived at the helm of the blogosphere once again to render more of my recent aimless meanderings.

After the episodic drama that was my end of semester exams, set in the historically steeped Tea House at Randwick Racecourse, another drama emerged with news the Australian Turf Club is transforming the racecourse into a glitzy glass box, a showcase of it’s $200 million cash splash – oh and something called the theatre of the horse.

Theatre of the Horse – or expensive patch of lawn?

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Inspired by the Arab Spring revolutions and Occupy movements blossoming on Wall St, across the US and throughout Europe, activists in Sydney will be gathering this Saturday 15th October 2011 at Martin Place, Sydney, at 2.30pm to launch the Occupy Sydney movement. It is intended to camp out indefinitely in the Sydney CBD, to organise, discuss and build a movement for a better world, truly democratic, in an attempt to raise awareness and the support of the 99% of the population to reclaim the power currently held by the super-rich “1%” individuals and corporations.