That’s how I justify my procrastinating very busy life these last 6 months, and the obvious lack of anything notable posted in this space. That was until recently.

Yes. It figures that much of this post, which serves as my entrance to the narcissistic world of “blogging”, will be about HP, my love!

Sitting for the last-time at the local Ritz, jam-packed with effervescent Potterphiles, also unashamedly in their 20-somethings, I came to realise that a chapter (pun intended) of my life had come to a close. There would be no more wands, invisibility cloaks, polyjuice potion, enchanted swords, or sorting hats, well… that is until the Sunday Telegraph’s Potter-phernalia collectible which I intend to snavel in the early hours on the day. But seriously, after that… the chapter will end. Or will it?

While risking the copius pneumonic weather after HP7.2, and after my umbrella decided to sabotage itself I stumbled on a brilliant idea. Harry Potter 21st B’day :D

So, plans are now in the midst, and a Spotlight jaunt for black cloth is in order. Should be spectacular. Now to rent a castle nearby…

Oh and I want to build a house, perhaps not out of shells like Bill and Fleur’s, but similar looking. Im terribly clever.